Wednesday, October 2, 2013

October 2013 Newsletter

N&B Dance Factory and Gym
October 2013 Newsletter

We have been having so much fun in classes! Our dance and clogging teams have the cutest dances and our tumbling classes are almost balanced out! YahJ

Guess What Technique Classes…
We are sooo excited to be able to implement our new technique/terminology vocabulary lessons into our technique classes this year. Our students now have a strong enough dance base, we are able to incorporate this program.   If your student comes home speaking a new language, its French! Ballet has a Russian, and French history.  A lot of our terminology will be in that language.  Your student will now be able to speak a dance language with our instructors. When they go to professional camps, they will stand out, and know the awnsers to the instructors’ vocabulary questions.  We will be spending about 10 minutes per technique class, with paper and pencil, writing and learning these terms.  These terms will be demonstrated and then the girls will practice with them center floor and also at the barre’.  Sometimes the paper work will come home, other times it will stay in the student folder we will provide. It will be stored in the technique basket inside the studio.  Please encourage your student to tell you their new terminology for the week.  They will be given so much new information we don’t expect them to remember it all that week.  It will be reviewed throughout the year in technique. Just an FYI… Some of this material will be on a College level. Chevia and I have put together information from our college dance classes from the University of Utah, UVU, and Snow College. We want these girls ready to tryout, and be accepted into college with dance scholarships their senior year! (Yes! We are starting some young!) We received dance scholarships and would like these girls too as well! As an example, here is some of the terminology we just used for the first week of October:
N&B Technique Ballet Terminology-Week 1
Supporting Leg:  The leg supporting the weight of the body.
Working Leg:      The leg that is performing.
En Croix:              In the shape of a cross.  The same movement is performed as a sequence to the front, to the side, to the back, and again to the same side.
En Dedan:            Inward. Any circular or turning movement in which the working leg moves or the body turns, toward the     supporting leg.
En Dehor:            Outward. Any circular or turning movement in which the working leg moves or the body turns, away from the body.
Demi:                   Half.
Grande: Large.
Derrie`re:            To the back.
Devant:                To the front.
A` la Seconde:    in 2nd position. When a movement is performed to the side.
(Please have girls wearing MC Hammer Pants to class wear hot shorts under them.  We will have them take the MC Hammer (Diaper Pants) off for barre’ work.  Just so we can see lines better. Thanks!)

  No AFTER SCHOOL classes (3:15-8:45) on Halloween, October 31st…. Have fun Trick or Treating!
We will have all Kinder dance, tumbling, mom and tot day classes in session on Halloween (9:30- 3:00).
Clogging Shoes
Miss Bree has been putting together a clogging shoe order.  We will be ordering next week.  If you need knew clogging shoes, please make sure you are on the list.  We also ask that parents duck tape their students shoes at home.  This saves a lot of class time.  Shoes that are not taped or have worn off, will be removed and students will dance in their socks.  If we have willing mothers observing, Miss Bree will hand the shoes and duck tape out to moms for help.  Please use duck tape that wont leave colored marks on the floor.
Potty Time, Kinder Classes
Please have your kindergartners and preschoolers use the restroom before class begins.  We have found that once one needs to “GO” they all need to “GO”J  We would like to get as much class time with the students as possible.  Thanks!
Dance Store Hours:
We have set our store hours.  They will be as follows:
Monday: Michelle 5:00-6:00
Tuesday: Lisa 3:30-5:00
Wednesday: Natalie Noon-1:00
Thursday: Closed
*** Please note that hair pieces are not displayed but are available to the public upon request.
(I, Natalie will be in the building observing classes and doing paperwork throughout the week. I can open the store as needed.  Just ask;)
Please note, if your student or students are in multipule classes, you will only receive one statement. If you need adjustments made to your statement, please write us a note and drop it in the tuition drop box.  Michelle will review them on Thursday evenings and call you with any questions.  Just a reminder that tuition is due by the first week of classes each month or by the 10th if we have holidays at the beginning of the month.  Late fees are applied after this date.                                  
Shoes, Jacket, Bags, and Backpacks
Just a reminder to leave all belongings in the first lobby.  The second lobby is for parents to observe.   Also, we do have a tv with movies in the first lobby to help keep little ones occupied.  If it is not on, just ask;)

        Epic Dance Camp
We just returned from an AWESOME dance camp with amazing instructors from NYC and LA!  They do the choreography for the music videos you see on TV and Broadway shows in NYC.  SOOOO much fun and learned sooo much!  Great Job Ladies!
Ok… Our Big Tuacahn Announcement!!!!
Our Tuacahn Tour will be June 16,17,18.  We will attend dance workshops and be the opening show both Monday and Tuesday night for the Tuacahn Shows. The shows are…. Drum Roll Please…. “Little Mermaid” and “The Wizard Of Oz”.  We will have registration pamphlets available next week with all the information.  First come First ServeJ Once the tickets are sold, they are sold.  The Little Mermaid is one of their best shows I have ever seen!  I would even say it was better than the Musicals I have seen on Broadway in NYC! AMAZING! Can’t Wait!!!! Moms and grandmas welcome!  (We are looking at ages 9 and up)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

  N&B Dance Factory and Gym
February Newsletter 2013

Dates to remember…

Richfield Competition March 9th. 
St. George Competition  March 22nd, 23rd.  (Dixie Convention Center)
Spring Gym Meet and Spring Dance Concert April at NSHS.  Dress Rehearsal will be on the 19th, the gym meet and Spring concert will be on the 20th.
Lagoon Competition May  3rd & 4th.

  Production Number Practices
We will be practicing our Production Number on most Fridays and some Saturdays through February.  Please watch for weekly practice notes in class. Times will vary and will be adjusted weekly according to the needs of the dance.  Butterfly dancers will need foot undies for this dance.  If your dancer needs a pair, please let your instructor know a.s.a.p. so we may get them ordered.  They are $19.00. If you have a pair from last, year, please use them. Please make sure your student is practicing their Production Number dance at HOME. We appreciate your help with this. We really can tell a difference in the students who work on their routines at home.

N&B Tumbling Meet 
Our N&B Tumbling meet will be April 20th.  We are now ordering the capri’s and tanks for those who would like to participate.  We are also ordering the boys shorts and muscle shirts.  If you have not received an order form in your tumbling class, please ask for one. These forms are due by February 19th.

New Building
Our new building is coming along.  We are sooooo excited for all our new equipment, more space, and the simple pleasures like heat and working restrooms!!!!

About half of our costumes have arrived.  Costumes will be sent home after the instructors have used them in class, and after they have been paid for. Tuition must  be paid through January for costumes to be set home this month.   Please remember that Michelle inputs checks on Thursday evenings.  If you drop a check in the tuition box on a Tuesday, it will not be entered in the computer until Thursday.  We will have a new balance sheet in the studio every Monday for the teachers to review. They will refer to that balance sheet when sending home costumes.

Soloists, Duets, and Trios
Please be aware that you will need to fill out a solo entry form for each competition and return with payment.  If you do not fill-out a form and return it on time, you will not be entered.  These forms are located by the tuition box. You will need to fill out a separate form for Richfield, St. George, and Lagoon.
Legion Hall  
We still have frozen pipes at the gym.  The pipes cannot be repaired until they thaw.  That means we are at the mercy of Mother Nature.  Please plan ahead.  Please remind your children to use the restroom before coming to class.  Students are also welcome to bring bottled water.  The older students may need this more than the younger ones.
Presidents Day
We will not be holding classes on Monday February 18th, Presidents Day.  It is a NO school day.
We are only a month away from Competition!!! Please make sure your dancer is practicing at home.  We do have a few practice CD’s left if needed. The CD  all includes the cut music for teams, classes, and the production number.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

 N&B Dance Factory and Gym
January 2013

Dates to plan for:
Please mark your calendars with the following dates: Richfield Dance Competition March 9th, St. George Dance Competition March 22nd and 23rd (younger dance teams should be on Saturday), N&B Spring Concert and Gym Meet April 19th and 20th, Lagoon Dance Competition May 3rd and 4th (Intermediate solos, Trios, and Duets should be on Friday).  Tentative competition schedules from the competition will be handed out in class two weeks before competition.  Final competition schedules will be handed out the week of competition.  We hand these out as soon as the competition gives them to us.  Lagoon: the Lagoon schedule will list the website you will have access to, to print as many discount Lagoon ride passes as you would like. These can be used for you, your family, and friends.  Competition dancers get into Lagoon free but, will need to purchase a discounted ride pass if they choose to ride the rides that day.  St. George Competition: If you do
not have family to stay with in St. George, and will need a hotel room, please call and get your reservations now.  Most hotels are already booked that weekend.

Our costumes are arriving daily.  Costumes must be paid for before we send them home.  Also, tuition must not be more than one month behind.  We put an updated payment list in the studio after Michelle enters payments every Thursday night.  If you have questions, you may call me or, your instructor can look it up for you in that packet.

Extra Production Number Practices
Butterfly dancers (Sparkle &Shine, Rockstars, Danz Kidz, Glitz and Glam) will have extra practices at the Dance Studio the next two Fridays (11th & 18th) from 1:30-2:30.  Butterfly ancers that need to come to both practices in order to learn their part are: Mckylee Brown, Hailey Christensen, Trinity Dean, Adyson Hallows, Kynley Jensen, Gracee Johnson, Braige Marsh, Rilee Mason, Mckira Mickelsen, Brooklyn Nielsen, Jayda Nielsen,  Jenna Nielsen, Jaylie Otten, Rylee Schaugaard, Bobbi Torgerson, Cienna Udy, and Kyrie Miller, Jacee Johnson, Mekinzee Johnson, Halee Mason, Lily Nielsen, Marnie Sorenson, Alaina Barney, Chloe Hansen.

Elite Silver, Elite Bronze, and Hot Shots will have a combined practice at the Studio Monday January 14th from 5:15-6:15 (and Kodi and Jacely)

Elite Diamonds and Gold will have an extra practice at the Dance Studio Friday January 18th from 3:00-4:15.

 The Production music is on your practice CD.  Please have your dancer practice their Production Number Dance Routine at home… Thank you!!!
 Practice CD’s
We have the practice CD’s in the studio.  They have all the classes, team, and production number cut music on them.  They are $3.00.  Most of you purchased these to practice over the break. If you do not have one yet, you may get one from your instructor.

Statements- Competition Fees
You will see Richfield Competition Charges in the “Other Column” on your statements this month.  Production Competition fees will be charged as well.  Preschool and Kindergarten Tuesday classes do not compete.  They have that option in 1st grade.

1)    Please remember to have students use the restroom before class begins.  It’s very contagious in our younger classes.
2)    Please pick students up on time so our instructors can head home to their kids on time too.  Thanks so much, we appreciate your help with this.

Text or Call your Instructor
Please remember to text or call your instructor if you are going to be absent.

Please text or call your instructor if you will be absent from a class:
 Kelsey Shaw 529-3314 or 979-3336, Katie Johnson 979-9006, Bree Nielsen 529-4189 or 979-4189, Jerica Shaw 801-597-3358, Chansey Williamson 801-608-6848, Shanell Taylor 893-1112, Whitney Taylor 896-3417, Chevia Nielson 896-7120, Autumn Jensen 201-9200, Jeff Raisor 801-706-6799, Natalie 529-3580 or 979-0126.